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Besiktas 3 - FC Barcelona 0

Shorunmu, Karhan, Tayfur, Munch, Umit, Khlestov, Erman (Rahim 90), Ibrahim, Nouma (Fazli 88), Ahmet Dursun (Yasin 81), Nihat

FC Barcelona
Dutruel, F. De Boer, Abelardo, De La Pena, Kluivert (Dani 74), Rivaldo, Overmars, Sergi (Alfonso 65), Gerard, Petit, Simao (Zenden 77)

Claude Colombo (France)
19 September 2000, BJK Inonu Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey
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History Minute by Minute
FT The final whistle ends a sensational match. Both sides had their share of attacking possession but Besiktas made their's count by taking their chances in clinical fashion. Barcelona never gave up hope but the 3-0 win for the Turkish side has blown Group H wide open.
90' Erman is replaced by Rahim Zafer as Besiktas seek to see out the last few seconds of the match.
89'   As Barcelona pour forward Rivaldo is denied by a last-gasp Besiktas challenge.
87' A third goal in the most bizarre of circumstances. Nouma's shot was parried into the air by Dutruel and, as Nouma and Petit fought for the loose ball it cannoned in off the Besiktas player, hit the underside of teh crossbar and bounced in, and then out, of the goal. After consultation with the linesman the referee ruled that the ball had indeed crossed the line.
85'   Alfonso is set free in the box, but a combination of his scuffed finsih and UmitBozkurt's tackle means the ball runs harmlessly into Shorunmu's grateful arms.
84'   Nihat is brought down by Zenden  and Besiktas win a free-kick.
81' Two goal Besiktas hero Dursun is replaced by Yasin Sulun.
80'   Petit and Dani combine to set Dani free, however, the attacker scuffs his left-footed shot staright into the body of the diving Shorunmu.
77'   Nouma is caught offside as Besiktas surge forward looking to kill the game with a third goal.
77' Boudewijn Zenden replaces Simao for Barcelona.
75' Dursun scores the crucial goal. Nouma nudges the ball into his path,  completely wrongfooting Petit. The striker takes one touch to control the ball, waits for Dutruel to advance and then chips him sublimely. It's 2-0 to Besiktas.
74'   Rivaldo sends a wickedly swerving rocket of a long range shot just a couple of yards over.
74' Dani replaces Kluivert for Barcelona.
72'   Overmars cuts inside his marker but there is no one at the far-post to get on the end of his cross.
71'   Dutruel proves himself alert by racing from his goal to deny the onrushing Dursun with an excellent sliding tackle.
70'   Munch concedes a corner which de la Pena floats high for Gerard who wins another header which balloons over.
69'   Overmars' left-footed shot rockets goalwards but is blocked by a sea of white shirts.
68'   De la Pena fights his way three Besiktas men to get a sight of goal but is then pulled back as Kluivert has been flagged offside.
67'   Barcelona win a corner which is headed over by Gerard as he leaps for the ball along with three of his team-mates
66'   A tremendous diving stop by Dutruel denies Ibrahim after he twists his way around Gerard and into a shooting position.
65' Alfonso replaces Sergi for Barcelona.
64'   Rivaldo shimmies and tries to play de la Pena into the penalty area but over-hits the pass.
63'   Overmars tracks back well to deny Nihat the space to cross.
61'   Kahran tries his luck from long-range after a defensive clearance by Barcelona lands at his feet. However the ball spins off the side of his right foot and well wide of the Barcelona goal.
60'   Nouma's clever reverse pass sets Nihat up for a shot which Barcelona block well.
59'   Another de la Pena through ball is just too strong; this time Kluivert can't get on the end of it.
58'   Overmars is released by de la Pena but can't control the pass and the ball runs out of play.
57'   Petit's attempted long pass flies over the Barcelona front two.
56'   Kluivert launches an excellent counter-attack by freeing De la pena who flicks the ball over the Besiktas defence for the onrushing Rivaldo. Shorunmu comes out of his goal smartly though and gathers just before Rivaldo reaches the pass.
55'   De la Pena doesn't quite get hold of a free header on the edge of the box and can only nudge the ball high and wide.
54'   Shorunmu srambles back to try and prevent a corner but can't reach the ball. Barcelona's flag kick is cleared by a Dursun header though.
53'   De la Pena turns smartly in the Besiktas box and feeds Rivaldo but a swarm of white shirts hack the ball clear.
52'   Sergi's under-hit cross is smashed clear by Besiktas who then win a free-kick when the Barcelona captain fouls Kahran.
51'   Shorunmu gathers Rivaldo's flicked header.
50'   De la Pena releases Overmars who wins a throw with persistent wing-play.
49'   Dursun blasts over from the edge of the Barcelona box after the ball bobbles awkwardly.
48'   Rivaldo bursts through the heart of the Besiktas defence but his stabbed shot flies over.
47'   A floated lob by the goalscorer Dursun nearly catches Barca out as Dutruel has to scramble back to push the ball over the bar.
46'   As Barcelona get the second half underway Gerard's speculative long-range shot bounces harmlessly wide.
HT   The whistle has blown to end a thoroughly absorbing first half. Besiktas's energetic attacking has given them the slight edge over Barcelona's flashier, more sporadic attacking play.
44'   A towering de Boer header clears the danger as Besiktas hare in on goal again.
43'   Besiktas shepherd the ball back to safety.
42'   Overmars launches himself down the left and wins a throw.
41'   Kluivert lofts the ball over the last defender for Rivaldo, but the Brazilian is caught offside just as he is about to shoot.
40'   Barcelona seem a little shell-shocked, but they try and take the sting out of the goal by slwoing down the game with some languid passing moves.
38' Overmars shoves Ibrahim and concedes a free-kick. Besiktas use it to break down the right and Nehat Kahveci delivers a marvellous cross which bissects the Barcelona defence. Ahmet Dursun steals in between De Boer and Abelardo with an outstreched left boot and smashes the ball past the advancing Dutruel.
36'   Munch  heads clear at the far post and concedes a corner as Sergi lurks menacingly. Shorunmu gathers the resulting De la Pena flag kick faultlessly.
34'   Barcelona concede another sequence of corners. Dursun's goalwards shot is blocked by a last-ditch sliding tackle by De Boer
32'   De la Pena threads a precise ball through to Simao, but Dursun intercepts well.
31'   De la Pena floats in the free-kick and Gerard leaps high with a header which smashes onto the foot of the post, the rebound hits the young player and balloons away before he can control the ball.
30'   Barcelona win a free-kick when Khlestov fouls Rivaldo. 
29'   Munch cuts inside the last Barcelona man, Simao, and is one-on-one with Dutruel. He scuffs his shot slighly though and the goalkeeper manages to block his effort with a reflex right-footed save.
27'   Barcelona play keep-ball, trying to toy Besiktas into making a rash challenge or defensive error, but the Turks remain steadfast and eventually regain possession.
25'   Kluivert jinks to the byline, but is surrounded by white shirts and runs out of time and space with which to cross or shoot.
23'   A fantastic sliding tackle by Umit denies Overmars the chance to shoot as he charges into the penalty area.
21'   De la Pena releases Kluivert who beats one man with a clever jink but then runs into a wall of white shirts and is halted.
20'   Kluivert wins the ball in the air, but his flick is too strong for Rivaldo and Shorunmu comes out and scoops up the loose ball.
19'   Ibrahim Uzulmez counter-attacks for Besiktas and is denied by a stunning double save from Richard Dutruel, first with his hands and then his feet.
18'   Barcelona win a free-kick which Rivaldo clubs low and hard, and only just wide of Shorunmu's left-hand post.
17'   Rivaldo finds himself free eight yards out and his left-footed shot is pushed away by Shorunmu's diving right-handed save.
16'   De Boer's free-kick is headed clear.
15'   Simao's charging run down the left is halted by Munich's foul.
14'   Rivaldo is caught offside as Barcelona hit back on the break.
13'   Munich's corner is headed goalwards by Nouma but Sergi is wisely stationed by the near post and heads off the line for the Spanish side.
12'   This time Munich's corner reaches the far post and Nouma's shot is blocked and flies wide as Barcelona concede a third consecutive corner, this time on the right.
11'   Barcelona concede a corner which Munch hits to the near post. Rivaldo heads the ball behind for another corner.
10'   Emmanuel Petit floats in a dangerous high ball which Kluivert chests down for Rivaldo. The Brazilian swivels, dummies and turns the last defender to push the ball into the six-yard box to Overmars whose shot is blocked.
9'   Munch is narrowly caught offside as he chases a dangerous through ball by the Turkish side
8'   Patrick Kluivert releases Overmars who dashes into the penalty are down the left but is tackled.
7'   Simao swivels but halfway through his Cruyff turn is halted by Markus Munch's foul. Barca are awarded a free kick.
6'   A Rivaldo backheel releases Simao as Barca counter-attack but Ike Shorunmu gathers the cross well.
5'   Frank de Boer intercepts a through ball well but Barca concede possession immediately.
4'   Barcelona stroke the ball around confidently looking for an opening and Marc Overmars wins a throw-in down the left which Besiktas defend well.
3'   Dmitri Khlestov wastes possession and Barca play the ball out of defence.
2'   Abelardo concedes a free-kick for a foul on Nouma. Besiktas win a throw-in from the free-kick.
1'   Besiktas get the game underway and Pascal Nouma immediately surges down the left, but is halted by Ivan De La Pena.

Copyright 1998
Ahmet Emre